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When it comes to your marketing strategy, your email list is one of your most valuable assets.

But as you accumulate more contacts over time, it becomes increasingly important to stay on top of list hygiene, regularly checking to make sure that the email addresses on your list are still valid and removing those that are not. With email list validation services from Email Engagement Pros, we can help keep your list clean in order to boost engagement, avoid deliverability problems, and keep your sender reputation strong.

Why is Email List Validation Important?

On average, people get new email addresses every three years. In addition, it’s common to provide an incorrect email address—either intentionally or due to a typo—when signing up to receive emails from a business. Therefore, regardless of the size of your email list, it most likely contains some invalid addresses at any given time. Why does that matter? Because it will increase your bounce rate—particularly the number of hard bounces, which occur when an email fails to be delivered because the recipient’s address is invalid or there is another permanent problem with the contact. And the more hard bounces you have, the more likely it becomes that inbox service providers (ISPs) will view your emails as spam and you will start encountering deliverability problems.

The process of email list validation combs through your contacts and ensures that each address is valid and deliverable. Regularly validating your email list can help you:

  • Minimize hard bounces
  • Avoid spam complaints
  • Boost open rates and other email engagement metrics
  • Maintain a strong sender reputation
  • Improve email deliverability

At Email Engagement Pros, we will routinely validate your email list by pinging each address and monitoring server responses to identify contacts that should be removed. In addition to spotting invalid email addresses, we will look for opportunities to either re engage or remove contacts who have not been interacting with your email campaigns. 

Could your email list contain invalid addresses that pose a threat to your sender reputation and deliverability rates?

If you haven’t validated your email list recently, contact the experts at Email Engagement Pros today by clicking the button below!


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