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Maximize E-Commerce Email Marketing to Increase Sales

Online retailers should keep customer engagements high, and email marketing is arguably the best way to do it. If you are in the e-commerce sector, email marketing should be a priority for you. Big e-commerce businesses regularly maximize e-commerce email marketing to increase sales, and so should you. In a highly competitive market, you cannot afford to miss out or leave money on the


What is Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

Email marketing remains the most lucrative digital marketing initiative. In fact, the return of investment for an email marketing campaign can climb to 4,400%. That estimates to be a $44 return for every $1 spent. With that said, acquiring the email addresses of potential customers may be easier than convincing them to convert outright, but there is a lot of red tape concerning the


25 Must-Read Blogs for Email Marketing

Email marketing is arguably the best digital marketing strategy around. It offers an easy and affordable way for marketers and businesses to get their products and services straight to their target audiences. Small and large, all organizations from every industry benefit from email marketing campaigns because they know of its incredibly high ROI. Almost everyone has an email address and marketers realize that


Best Email Marketing Platforms for E-Commerce in 2021

Email marketing is the oldest digital marketing strategy, one that continues to stay relevant and effective. It has truly stood the test of time and still provides ROI to businesses that help it gain and maintain a competitive edge. Modern innovations and technological advancements have brought plenty of email marketing platforms that provide incredible tools, features, and options to enhance and improve email marketing


Choosing the Right Email Marketing Agency for Your Business

Contrary to some opinions, email marketing is not dead but becoming more and more important to businesses. As you will learn from reading this article, they are vital to the success of any business, owing to their high ROI and the rapidly growing use of emails. The best email marketing results come from professionals who know what they are doing and this is consistent


Omnisend vs. Klaviyo

There has always been plenty of debate about which email marketing platform is better for different industries, particularly for the ecommerce industry. However, ecommerce is not the only industry that relies on email marketing platforms and they cater to many different businesses globally. Two major names in the email marketing game are Omnisend and Klaviyo, which we will heavily focus on and compare for the


Make Your Message Matter: Tips for crafting emails with impact.

Email use is now nearly ubiquitous. In the United States, more than 90% of adults age 15 to 64 use email, and rates are only slightly lower those over age 65. That means any business or organization knows this is one reliable place to find their customers or followers. Convince those folks to provide their email address, and you have a direct and powerful way to


Klaviyo Alternatives

Digital marketing has changed the way we market and the way we consume marketing forever. Channels such as email are drastically evolving thanks to things like complex automations, segmentation and personalization. Klaviyo is one such marketing tool that offers these complex and advanced features. It is quite famous among ecommerce businesses as an effective marketing tool but it also has a major flaw, or drawback.


Klaviyo vs. HubSpot – Which Is better to Use for Your Ecommerce?

Ecommerce has been rapidly growing for years and this growth has only been exacerbated by the recent surge of ecommerce sales due to the pandemic. More people have become more accustomed to the processes of online shopping which led to the ecommerce industry gaining more traction and success. Ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, nearly doubled their sales during the pandemic and other platforms saw similar


Email Marketing for Your Shopify Store

Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow and expand your business because it offers features unlike other marketing campaigns. You can build your mailing list and never have to give it up or lose it, customers rarely change email addresses, it has excellent ROI and a rapidly growing user base. The best part is that it has very low barriers to


Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategies and Tips

Email marketing is important for any business's digital marketing strategy but it is especially important for ecommerce businesses because it helps them build better relationships with prospects and customers. Ecommerce businesses can use email marketing campaigns to engage users unlike any other form of digital marketing. Additionally, the high ROI of 3,800 percent, growing email users worldwide and the proclivity of users to maintain the


The Best Email Marketing Platforms of 2021

Digital marketing has seen a huge rise in recent years and email marketing has been at the top of all digital marketing channels. Businesses, small and large, are all looking for wider audiences and greater reach and better conversions. Good email marketing campaigns can help boost sales, image and loyalty among many things and this is what keeps attracting most brands and marketers


What is Email Engagement and How Can You Improve It?

As an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, email marketing offers a way to keep your business in front of your target customers, generate and nurture leads, and ultimately drive revenue. However, a successful approach to email marketing requires more than simply creating and sending appealing campaigns to your list of contacts. To ensure that your email marketing efforts are helping to fulfill your


Why Having a Solid Email Marketing Strategy Is Important

What is email marketing? Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending out emails to prospects and customers to communicate, engage and promote or attract business. In an email marketing 'strategy', a marketer sets marketing goals and follows a set of procedures to achieve those goals through email marketing. You simply need to look at your existing inboxes and check to see


Emails Rise to the Top and Why People Won’t Open Your Emails

Emails are a fast, almost instantaneous way to communicate in writing. It’s easy to include large swaths of people or to write direct missives tailored to an individual. Whether used for personal work or for business reasons, emails is the top tool used today to communicate. A Brief History Did you know that the ‘e’ in email actual stands for electronic mail?

Managed Email Templates

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