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One of the most important—but often overlooked—elements of a successful email marketing strategy is your sender reputation.

As you send campaigns to your subscribers, their inbox service providers (ISPs) are constantly assessing numerous factors to calculate a reputation score for your business, with a goal of ensuring that users are only receiving emails they want to receive. If your reputation score drops too low, ISPs may start directing your emails to spam or even blacklisting you as a sender, which means that your emails won’t be delivered at all. With email sender reputation monitoring from Email Engagement Pros, we will keep an eye on your sender reputation across different ISPs and take any actions needed to maintain a high reputation score.

Understanding Your Email Sender Reputation

While each ISP uses its own algorithm to evaluate your sender reputation, the following factors play a significant role in calculating your score:

  • The number and frequency of emails you send
  • The number of recipients who mark your emails as spam
  • Whether your business is included on any blacklists
  • Your email engagement metrics, including the open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates
  • How many hard bounces you have, which refers to the number of emails that were not delivered because the recipient’s address was invalid or there was another permanent problem with the contact
  • Whether your contact list contains any “honeypot emails,” which are inactive email addresses that have been set up with the goal of catching spammers

If these factors and many others lead an ISP to assign your business a poor email sender reputation score, you run the risk of getting blacklisted, which would harm your deliverability rate tremendously and threaten the overall success of your email marketing efforts. Therefore, it’s essential to stay on top of monitoring your sender reputation and promptly resolving any issues that could lower your score.

Sender Reputation Monitoring Services

With more than 20 years of experience with bulk email campaigns, the team at Email Engagement Pros offers in-depth expertise on the various factors that can impact your reputation score. As part of our email sender reputation monitoring services, we take the following steps to keep your reputation strong:

  • Continuous monitoring of both your IP and domain reputations to see if they appear on any blacklists. If so, we can assist with requesting de-listing.
  • Monitoring your DMARC reports for alerts that a third party is trying to spoof your email, which means taking control of your domain and sending fraudulent emails on your behalf as part of a spam or phishing attack.
  • Implementing various email marketing best practices, such as maintaining list hygiene, crafting quality content tailored for your audience, and consistently tracking your engagement metrics to identify opportunities for improvement.

As you seek to drive results for your business through email marketing, monitoring your sender reputation is a crucial step in ensuring that your campaigns successfully reach your subscribers.

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