Email marketing is arguably the best digital marketing strategy around.

It offers an easy and affordable way for marketers and businesses to get their products and services straight to their target audiences. Small and large, all organizations from every industry benefit from email marketing campaigns because they know of its incredibly high ROI.

Almost everyone has an email address and marketers realize that building email lists and executing strong email campaigns brings unmatched results. Hence, even in an age of social media and stream ads, marketers still greatly prefer email.

However, using email marketing platforms and tools and executing successful campaigns and strategies is not always easy. Hence, marketers are learning new techniques constantly. They stay up-to-date with the latest developments, tools, and strategies for email marketing.

This gives them an edge and improves their email efforts over time. The good news is that successful email marketing is not limited to experienced professionals. We live in a world where the internet offers free information and highly valuable content to everyone.

25 Must-Read Blogs for Email Marketing

As a beginner, you can find online resources and blogs that help you learn email marketing at all levels. If you own a small business or are novice marketers, email marketing blogs can help you learn and implement email marketing for success.

The best part is that it is all free, for everyone.

We have come up with 25 must-read blogs for email marketing, so you too can learn and become successful at email marketing.

25 Must-Read Blogs for Email Marketing

Here is our selection of the 25 must-read blogs for email marketing, in random order. Keep in mind that these blogs offer valuable email content for all levels of marketers and even non-marketers, looking to implement email marketing for their brands.

25 Must-Read Blogs for Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, MailChimp is a market leader. Their blog is one of the best places to start learning about email marketing and how to use data for your email marketing strategies.

They strongly believe that marketers can achieve great success with the right tools and knowledge. Hence, they regularly produce and post original content, documentaries, and podcasts for eager learners worldwide. They specialize in tips on utilizing tools and automation for your email marketing. Having helped so many companies around the world, the MailChimp blog is a great place to start learning.

emailmonday is a blog written by Jordie van Rijn from the Netherlands, who is a specialist email marketing consultant with over 13 years of professional experience. He is a very practical writer and Email Monday offers useful marketing tips, strategies, tactics, and trends in an easy-to-understand manner.

This is great for beginners because they get a no-fluff learning experience on some of the best marketing strategies, which are made easy thanks to Jordie’s writing and expertise.

Marketers can learn a lot about email marketing from him and his blog offers a window into practical email marketing strategies that simply work.

As an email marketing platform targeted toward small businesses, GetResponse has a blog that offers great content on growing your small business through email marketing. They know their audience well and target all their content to overcome challenges and limited budgets for small businesses.

They offer quality, high-grade guides, eBooks, and whitepapers, which are a great read for improving your email marketing strategies and campaigns. They understand how a well-executed email marketing campaign has the power to grow small businesses and that is what they try to achieve with their blog.

They have a stand-out blog that offers game-changing ideas, tips, and practices for any marketer or business.

FireDrum is an excellent email marketing platform that offers easy-to-use, pocket-friendly, and comprehensive email marketing solutions. Their blog is an extension of their platform and offers great insights and best practices for email marketing.

Marketers can expect to find valuable tips and tricks for email success and detailed guides on lead generation, lead nurturing, automation, email creation, campaigns, and much more. They break down complex strategies and tactics into consumable content for beginners and veterans alike.

When it comes to conversions, few blogs cover it as well as The Daily Egg. The blog is obsessed with giving productive advice on improving your engagement rates, conversions, and ‘making the most of every visitor’, which is their motto.

This is great for readers because engagement and conversions are pretty much the whole points of successful marketing.

Marketers can expect to read about email marketing, analytics, A/B testing, and copywriting for improved conversions. Beginners and experts can learn ideas and strategies that are doable and will likely prove successful for their brand.

Campaign Monitor is a popular email marketing platform with an equally popular blog. It has a wide range of useful content, from growing your email list to improved subject lines, delivery, testing, increasing open and conversion rates, and much more.

The blog is full of strategies, and the best part is that it is all consumable content, broken down for busy, on-the-move marketers. They are dedicated to bringing content that improves email marketing campaigns and specializes in writing tips and tricks, which we all know is crucial because, at the core of things, content is king.

SparkPost is a relatively new email marketing platform. However, their blog provides several useful insights and best practices for email marketing. Marketers can explore topics on email analytics, tips, and best practices.

This blog is especially good for readers because it has a very emphatic approach to email marketing and focuses on the lighter side of the email marketing industry. Nonetheless, you can expect to easily learn many email strategies because the content is well-written and highly consumable.

Really Good Emails has a simple aim — to be the best showcase of email design and resources on the internet. This resolve has turned them into one of the best online resources for email design. They regularly post videos and articles on their blogs that discuss email best practices and review various emails.

If you are unaware, compelling design can turn a good email into a great one, and this can have a positive effect on your email campaigns. Their approach and mission are unique, and you can expect to improve your email designs massively by reading their content.

The best part you can also explore their giant collection of over four thousand handpicked emails for inspiration.

Unlike most blogs in this list, MarketingProfs is more like an online educational resource. They post many interesting marketing articles, tutorials, webinars, and even valuable statistics. It is a valuable resource for all levels of marketers, and whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find it all here.

They have comprehensive reviews of marketing tools and beginner guides to get you started right. Beginners can expect to learn everything from basic tool utilizations to complex email marketing strategies for their brand.

Moreover, they are quick to cover the latest trends and bring plenty of excellent ideas for your brand and marketing. They cover a wide range of marketing topics, and experienced marketers will always find something to reinforce or improve their current email marketing strategies.

All-in-all, MarketingProfs is an excellent online resource, and you would be amiss to pass up on their incredibly valuable content.

Jordie van Rijn makes a return on our list as the founder and chief editor of Email Vendor Selection. He brings his immense professional experience to this incredible online resource, which offers valuable content and focuses on marketing automation and email marketing technology.

You can learn about multiple email marketing and automation tools and ways to implement them in your strategies for successful email marketing. Marketers at all levels of expertise can expect to gain plenty of insights and learn to utilize the critical tools for improved results.

Kickbox is another practical blog that offers no-nonsense advice and tips on email marketing and specializes in email deliverability. The blog brings great insights from email deliverability experts and also covers how you can migrate data between email marketing platforms.

Most importantly, they teach you how to keep your email lists healthy and squeaky clean at all times. Keeping clean lists allows you to reduce spam and increase your deliverability unlike ever before. If email deliverability matters to you, which it should, there are very few blogs like Kickbox that provide valuable, fluff-free, and practical email deliverability content.

Being a data-driven email marketing platform, Message Gear’s blog brings detailed research, expert advice, and best practices on several marketing topics. They often dabble in email deliverability, high-volume sends, spam, and bounces.

They provide smart insights, strategies, and tips for getting your message across the right way. You can expect to improve your deliverability, reduce spam and avoid bounce from all the high-volume emails you will be sending after reading their blogs.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Email on Acid has garnered some great insights, and their blog reflects this. It offers content on testing, optimizing email marketing campaigns through email analytics and strategies, and teaches you how to code amazing emails.

They help marketers enhance revenue streams and improve conversion rates through email marketing. The blog has highly focused content as well and offers an entire category on email development. Marketers can learn how to develop better emails and improve their email marketing efforts.

Overall, their blog has plenty of valuable content, which interests beginners and veterans alike.

Modern Marketing Blog is a comprehensive marketing blog from Oracle Marketing Cloud. It covers everything marketing and offers a wide range of interesting topics for all levels of marketers. Most importantly, it offers great content on email marketing.

From automation to strategies, news, technology, and innovations, no topic is left uncovered. Marketers can keep up with the latest marketing news and trends while exploring how to optimize their email marketing campaigns for better results.

15. Return Path

Return Path is a hub for tips, tricks, and best practices for email success through metrics and analytics. They help marketers learn insights on how to improve their email marketing campaigns by avoiding failures and utilizing email metrics for optimum results.

Apart from metrics and email analytics, the blog focuses on conversions, customer success, email fraud prevention, and, most importantly, email optimization. There is something for everyone, and marketers can learn some important lessons to improve their efforts, increase success and follow best practices.

16. Email Critic

Email Critic is a great blog for marketing veterans; however, beginners can also learn a ton of quality information from their posts. Created by Scott Hardigree, founder of Indiemark, Email Critic offers an in-depth examination of the best email marketing strategies.

The posts come from a group of well-known global experts on email marketing, and you can expect quality insights and high-level strategies and tactics being broken down for critique. Whether to improve your campaigns and strategies or to learn more, Email Critic offers excellent email content.

17. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is a haven for any up-and-coming marketer because they specialize in bringing valuable insights and developments in the email marketing industry. Marketers can stay up-to-date with the industry and learn about developments, best practices, and the latest trends.

Unsurprisingly, they allow you to subscribe to their newsletter and get the latest in email marketing directly to your inbox. They provide many helpful guides and complex strategies, and the best part is that they break it down in a way that is understandable and also consumable for novice marketers.

Additionally, they regularly get well-known marketing experts to write guest blogs, guides, and marketing handbooks, which are incredibly useful. Marketing Land ensures that you never miss out on any new development or trend in the email marketing industry.

18. Econsultancy

Unlike most blogs here, which are from email marketing platforms, Econsultancy is an independent market research firm with an extremely valuable blog. They specialize in helping marketers improve their work, and their blog is based on the same premise.

You can expect to learn about email marketing, analytics, e-commerce, content, advertising, and much more. This blog highlights general trends in marketing and, by extension, email marketing. Marketers can learn strategies, stay up-to-date, and get fresh new ideas and insights related to marketing.

19. Help Scout

Help Scout is focused on providing customers with great experiences that they remember for longer. Marketers can learn how to engage customers in a way that retains their attention and keeps them interested.

Help Scout offers many helpful articles that range from how to talk to angry customers to using the right tone in your emails. This level of insight on customer interactions will have you writing emails that bring superior results every time.

20. Trendline Interactive

As a full-service email marketing agency, Trendline Interactive has a dedicated team for email marketing that includes copywriters, strategists, deliverability specialists, and many other professionals. Having dedicated teams allows them to write about tried and tested email marketing strategies that work well for any brand.

Their blog provides excellent reads to get your marketing off the ground, and they also offer small, thoughtful posts on new ways to reflect on email marketing. Marketers can learn a lot from categories such as Email Production, Reporting & Analytics, and Acquisition/Lead Generation.

Beginners can especially benefit from learning how to apply effective marketing techniques to their campaigns, while veterans can get in-depth views on analytics, reporting, lead generation, and more.

21. Litmus

Litmus is well known for offering email marketing analytics, and they have an excellent blog that helps you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns. Whether you are an email marketing beginner or veteran, the Litmus blog can be incredibly useful for you.

They focus on email marketing success metrics and statistics, and they let you know which clients are trending. They even teach you how to effectively use split testing or A/B testing in your email marketing campaigns. All in all, it is a great place to learn the importance and usefulness of analytics for your email marketing.

22. Email Engagement Pros

Not to toot our own horn but, we have a very active blog as well, and if our analytics are any indication, you seem to enjoy our content. As a full-service email marketing management agency, we write about all things email marketing with a slight focus on platforms, tools, strategies, and how to improve your email marketing campaigns.

You can learn about competitive tools and platforms at various price points, e-commerce-related email marketing strategies, and, most importantly, email engagement. We pride ourselves on providing valuable content that helps email marketers better engage their audiences through improved campaigns.

23. Uplers Email (Formerly Email Monks)

Uplers Email is an all-inclusive email marketing blog covering the latest trends, statistics, and tips for successful email marketing. They mostly focus on email design, coding, best practices, email delivery, and creating mobile-friendly and responsive emails for your campaigns.

More than a blog, Uplers Email is like a hub for all the latest news, trends, and developments in the email marketing world, which all levels of marketers can benefit from. It is an excellent online resource for anyone interested in learning email design and implementing email marketing for any industry.

24. FreshInbox

FreshInbox is a technical email marketing blog for experts by an expert. The writer, Justin Khoo, is an email expert who brings intriguingly interactive and advanced email designing techniques to his readers, along with email news and trends.

He covers email animations, tricks, and coding, which are all things he is passionate about, and you can tell that from following FreshInbox. Marketers with technical interests will find it to be an excellent online resource for coding and creating interactive email designs, animations, and much more.

25. MailJet

While looking at success stories for insights, education and inspiration are always great, MailJet has a somewhat unique approach. Instead of simply looking at how to succeed, they also look at stories of failure and negative examples, to let you know what to avoid.

This is a great way to prevent making mistakes and marketers can learn a lot from the examples MailJet presents in their blog. They also focus on mastering email strategies and recognizing the right decisions for your campaigns.

They have a quarterly special blog post, which highlights all the latest trends and news from the industry, which means you also stay up-to-date with industry developments. Beginners and seasoned veterans can all take advantage and learn what to do and what not to do.


Email marketing is one of the most valuable forms of digital marketing with a very low barrier to entry, which makes it a favorable choice for all levels of marketers and businesses. However, it is constantly evolving, and following these blogs is an easy way to stay up-to-date.

You can learn about the latest developments and get insights on which tools, strategies, and campaigns work and which do not. Moreover, things like, automation, testing, analytics, and reporting can bring out the best in your email marketing efforts and these blogs can help you do exactly that.

We would recommend you check out every one of these blogs because they contain valuable content that provides unlimited learning potential. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an email marketing expert because these blogs are easy to read and understand.

If you want to learn more about must-read email blogs for email marketing, or you want help with your email marketing and management, please visit our website today.