Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow and expand your business because it offers features unlike other marketing campaigns. You can build your mailing list and never have to give it up or lose it, customers rarely change email addresses, it has excellent ROI and a rapidly growing user base.

The best part is that it has very low barriers to entry, which means small businesses can easily start email marketing campaigns for their businesses and not worry about increased expenses. Similarly, if you are a Shopify store owner, email marketing for your Shopify store is crucial.

It is crucial not only for effective marketing but also to streamline processes and improve customer experiences, through transactional, purchase and shipping notification emails, to name a few.

Let’s discuss email marketing for your Shopify store through some effective email marketing campaigns, tips and strategies and well-suited email marketing platforms available today.

Shopify Email Marketing Strategies and Tips

Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Shopify Store

Like every email marketing strategy, you will be running different email marketing campaigns for different purposes. Here are a few email marketing campaigns that you need to run in order to get the best out of your Shopify store.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the first email shoppers and subscribers receive from you, it is your first impression and needs to be good. Do not sell anything here, rather, promote your brand and its personality in the welcome email for a good first impression.

This shows readers that your brand cares about welcoming you to their mailing list more than sales. Your email should reflect your brand and possibly have an attractive image that has proven to work well in the past. You can conduct a split testing, or A/B testing, to find out which ones work the best.

When a new customer subscribes to your mailing list, they expect to hear from you, making it the best time to immediately make an impression. In fact, according to Invespcro, 74 percent of people expect a welcome email after subscribing to your list.

Which is probably why welcome emails have much higher open and click through rates than other email marketing campaigns.

Promotional & Discount Emails

Promotional and discount emails should typically be your next few emails to customers or subscribers because these help grab their attention, engage them and get them to spend money on your Shopify store.

They work especially well with customers who have visited your Shopify store but not bought something, customers who are looking for deals or have not yet opened their welcome emails. Similarly discount emails can improve traffic and sales to your Shopify store.

Bear in mind though, if you send out too many discount emails and your shoppers get used to buying your products on discount, they may never want to pay full price. Which is why you need to keep your discount emails at strategic intervals like during holiday seasons.

Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment can be frustrating for many business owners because it means that a shopper went through every step of your Shopify sales funnel but abandoned their purchase at the last minute. This leaves you thinking what went wrong.

According to Baynard Institute, almost 70 percent of ecommerce shoppers abandon carts and 61 percent say that extra costs, like shipping fee, are the number one reason. There are also many other reasons they do this, such as getting distracted or simply to compare prices with competitors.

Whatever the reason, you need a strong car abandonment email to reel these customers back in. This email should be sent soon after they abandon their carts and should address the issue along with encouragement to complete the purchase.

Whatever the reason, you need a strong car abandonment email to reel these customers back in. This email should be sent soon after they abandon their carts and should address the issue along with encouragement to complete the purchase.

You can plan and send a series of emails to these customers over the next few days and even ask why they abandoned the cart in the first place. This will help you collect data to address issues in the future and take measures to overcome it.

You do not have to but many ecommerce businesses will waive the extra costs if they can afford to and if they are certain that that is the reason for the abandonment.

Product Email

Launching a new product or perhaps, your bestselling product is losing sales? Time to launch a product email campaign. These emails feature your bestselling, upcoming, new or selected products that you promote to interested customers and prospects on your list.

Segment your list accordingly and personalize these emails to give a tailored touch and try to sell the benefits and features of your products, rather than the product itself. If readers are engaged by the features, they will likely buy the products and your bestsellers will likely sell themselves.

Moreover, showcase the best and most attractive product pictures in these emails to get better results.

Retargeting Emails

Retargeting email campaigns work best to bring back customers who are disengaged or have not made a purchase in a long time. This can include customers who do not open your emails, those who have stopped visiting or shopping at your Shopify store and are generally not responsive to any of your engagement attempts.

A smart approach is to address these concerns head on through retargeting emails with a friendly yet concerned tone. You can tell the customers that you’ve noticed their inactivity and are choosing to give them the option to opt-out of your mailing list.

This may seem contradictory to your overall efforts but remember that an engaged mailing list is better than a large one. Moreover, this will show inactive customers that you are aware of their actions, or a lack thereof, and your brand cares more about customers and loyalty than just numbers and sales.

This will help your Shopify store gain respect and drastically improve your brand image in the eyes of your audiences. These inactive customers will either start engaging or if they opt out of your mailing list, it is not entirely bad. You can effectively stop wasting time and resources on unqualified leads.

Email Marketing Tips and Strategies for Your Shopify Store

Every marketing strategy is unique because it is tailored to the relevant business it caters to. Similarly, email marketing for your Shopify store must be tailored to your business but there are a few common tips and strategies that every Shopify store should employ.

1. Be Prepared

In life, being prepared can be the difference between success and failure, same goes for the email marketing for your Shopify store. Before you even start your first email marketing campaign or send your first welcome email you should accurately prepare:

  • All product details of your products
  • High-quality product images that encourage sales
  • Every step of your marketing funnel
  • Customer service to satisfy queries, retain customers and promote sales completion

These things will help you stay ahead of all of your email marketing campaigns and efficiently close sales on your Shopify store.

2. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is crucial, as any marketer will tell you. You need to know who you are targeting with your email marketing campaigns and how you want to approach them. Your Shopify store has a niche market and you need to capture it better than the competition.

Knowing your audience will also help you set the tone for your emails and appropriately target your prospects and customers. You can create a buyer persona to better understand and target your Shopify store’s audience.

3. Segment & Personalize

Segmentation in email marketing means to take your mailing list and create shorter lists from it. You can segment your lists according to demographics, personality or buying history – there is no limit to segmentation as long as it makes sense for your marketing.

Segmentation will help you target each segment of your mailing list according to their preferences, likes or pain points. This will make your email marketing campaigns more relevant and effective. It also gives you the opportunity to personalize emails.

Personalization can be anything, from adding the customer’s name in the email to curating a tailored email that caters to the individual customer’s pain points. Personalization is a tested strategy that significantly improves open rates and engagement while reducing bounce rates and spam reports.

Best Email Marketing Platforms for Shopify

Now that you have a good understanding of email marketing campaigns and strategies, you will need an email marketing platform. Email marketing platforms for Shopify are those platforms which are better suited to provide email marketing services to Shopify stores.

This is because they may offer direct integrations, give direct access to your Shopify store data and may offer relevant automated email blasts. Let’s look at some of the best email marketing platforms for Shopify and learn which one best suits your Shopify store.


Omnisend is arguably the best email marketing platform for Shopify stores. The platform was built for and is highly focused on ecommerce, and offers various automations for order confirmations, browsing, cart abandonment and much more.

They even have some unique incentive features like scratch cards and gift boxes to easily engage customers. Being a multi-channel provider, they even let you send push notifications, SMS and WhatsApp messages. This makes them the go-to platform to manage multiple channels in one place.

The Shopify integration is seamless, and they easily let you add products from your store directly into your emails through their drag and drop email editor. Their features are tailored to help Shopify stores grow and expand their business efficiently.


  • Great value for money and competitively priced
  • Ease of integration with Shopify stores
  • Multiple integration options for ecommerce businesses like Shopify
  • Drag and drop email editor


  • Limited email templates
  • Steep learning curve

Omnisend is great for ecommerce and marketers who want to easily integrate Shopify stores and want a multi-channel platform that does more than just email marketing on a single platform.


Sendinblue is a great email marketing platform that offers speedy performance and quality features at budget friendly prices. They have even expanded to other channels and now offer SMS as well. They give you impressive features like automations, Facebook ads and landing pages.

They allow engagement, transactional emails and SMS messages all through a single platform. The best part is you can upload your existing customer data from your Shopify store, create automation and design emails without the need for any coding.

Order data can easily be exported from Shopify to Sendinblue and you can view this information for accurate segmentation and automation. They even offer a separate Shopify application that makes email campaigns and automation much easier.

To top things off, they offer a free account with up to 300 emails daily.

Sendinblue managed email marketing


  • SMS integration for transactions, order summaries and shipping notifications
  • Good deliverability
  • Good segmentation and personalization
  • Heat maps and analytics in real-time
  • Free account


  • Limited templates for email creation
  • Complicated automations

Sendinblue is great for Shopify store owners who are on a budget but still want good automation and SMS integration in their email marketing platform.


ActiveCampaign is already a well-known email marketing platform for its automations and owing to their Deep Data Integration with Shopify, you can take advantage of these automations as well. With features such as tagging, dynamic segments, advanced automations and CRM, it is very well equipped.

Primarily an email marketing platform, they also offer SMS features like smart paid advertising. They have excellent customer support and segmentations; all your abandoned cart and purchasing customers are automatically added to the platform and you can see these activities in contact profiles as well.

To top it off, they have the best deliverability rates in the market.


  • Good customer support
  • Best deliverability
  • Free migration from other platforms
  • Excellent and easy automations
  • Excellent segmentation through Deep Data Integration and contact syncing
  • Workflow based automation editor for campaigns


  • Workflow setup is difficult to learn
  • Advanced tool with a steep learning curve overall
  • Pricey
  • Limited email editor functions
  • Limited templates

ActiveCampaign is great for experienced Shopify store owners and marketers who want the best deliverability with good automation in their email marketing.


Another automation-rich email marketing platform, GetResponse even offers extra features such as CRM, webinars and landing pages. It is a great platform for Shopify stores because of its Deep Data Integration.

They offer advanced segmentation, automated campaigns, tagging and even synced customer, product and order data through Deep Data Integration. They offer good templates for automated promotional, sales and abandoned cart emails.


  • Good templates
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Advanced automation
  • Good personalization
  • Extra features like CRM, webinars and landing pages


  • Poor customer support
  • Requires premium plans for some of the better features
  • Steep learning curve

GetResponse is best for larger Shopify stores that can benefit from its full features like CRM, advanced automation and segmentation.


A powerful automation and email marketing platform, Klaviyo is built for ecommerce and this makes it one of the best options for Shopify store owners. They are so confident that their website claims that Shopify stores make $85 for every dollar spent, making them an incredible ROI by any standard.

This high return is probably due to their easy-to-setup automation and advanced segmentation. They allow you to analyze your segmentation and personalize for improved and effective email marketing, thus increasing ROI.

They allow A/B testing, quick and easy integration with Shopify stores and templates with dynamic blocks. They have a CRM with extensive details on customers to give you a better perspective and easy personalization.


  • Free tier with unlimited A/B testing
  • Good CRM
  • Good templates
  • ROI based tracking and reporting
  • Various pre-built workflows
  • Easy integration with Instagram and Facebook advertising, Shopify and other ecommerce platforms


  • Expensive
  • Poor customer support
  • Delayed campaigns
  • Reports of accounts being temporarily disabled

Klaviyo is a good email marketing platform for intermediate to advanced users and Shopify stores who want a free tool with some good features including templates, CRM and pre-built workflows.


Since you probably already know by now as to exactly what can be done with email marketing for your Shopify store, it is hard to overlook the benefits, functionality and affordability of a good email marketing strategy.

You can select one of our aforementioned email marketing platforms for all your automation, segmentation and other email marketing campaign needs. It will help grow your Shopify store to new heights, improve customer relationships and brand image.

Not to mention the increased sales and ROI you will get by practicing our mentioned tips and strategies in your email marketing.

For more on email marketing for your Shopify store, tips and platforms, please visit our website today.